Student Video Resumes on CazVid

 As the new school year kicks off, CazVid continues to promote its free job matching app for college students. While other apps are available for sharing resumes as well as video resumes, CazVid is the only app with a dedicated focus on video resumes where students can present themselves to potential employees. 

Along with being free, CazVid is also incredibly fast and easy to use. After downloading the CazVid app and signing up, students can then record a short 30 second selfie video resume. CazVid is the perfect tool for college students, graduating high school students, technical school students, and any entry level position applicants. 

With CazVid's video-only format, users can showcase their personality and their verbal communication skills which can increase the chances of getting hired when compared to the traditional method of written resumes. 

The CazVid video job listings & video resume posting app is always free and is available for download now on iPhone and Android devices.


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