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Creating Student Video Resumes on the CazVid Job App

S tudents looking to be hired for a full time, part time, gig-type position, or internship benefit the most from creating and sharing a v ideo resume  on the job app, CazVid . Not only is CazVid free to create student video resumes, but new job opportunities of all types can be discovered daily! Traditional written resumes fail to showcase an applicant’s personality and communication skills which is typically what an employer is looking for in a job candidate.  With all due respect to the students who got great grades in college and participated in all the extracurricular activities, all student have the same credentials. CazVid is the perfect employment tool for college students that are looking to standout in an otherwise overly saturated employment marketplace.  CazVid is the video resume, video cover letter, and video showcase of students. No other app or website, presents you, the student, in a video format only; that’s why employers love CazVid to be able to screen potential stu

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