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Video Resumes vs. Written Resumes

        When it comes to resumes, it's clear that video resumes far exceed what traditional written resumes can do in terms of representing a job candidate. Many employers would prefer to see and hear an applicant as communication skills and personality are vital for certain positions such as sales and customer service. “I have always dreaded writing about myself on a single sheet of paper and felt unjust about it. CazVid is a platform that will be a game-changer in the workforce, especially in the service industry by marrying technology and humanity where the essence of people can be seen and heard – making it safer and personable during these times.” says Yuri Lee, the CEO and founder of Inner Alchemy. CazVid is a casual video presentation of one’s video resume , video cover letter, video CV, or video bio. Signing up for CazVid takes 15 seconds and 30 seconds to record a selfie video. Job seekers can search job openings and immediately start communicating with employers. The mos

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