Hire Realtors with CazVid!


When it comes to selling or buying real estate, it can be a bit intimidating. From all the paperwork, negotiating prices, and just needing to have a knowledge of the current market, hiring a real estate agent might not be such a bad idea, but that begs the question: where do you look to find one? The hunt for a good realtor can become an expensive frustration in and of itself. With CazVid, finding the right realtor is made easy!

CazVid is a free job board in which all job listings and resumes are short 30 second videos that can be recorded and shared directly in the CazVid app. In a short real estate job listing video, simply describe what you're looking for in a candidate. Do you have particular requirements? Questions to ask? Put it out there for licensed realtors to see on CazVid's job board. Interested candidates can respond with their own video. Not only is CazVid easy, it's fast! And did we mention that it's free? 

Download it now for iPhone & Android devices | CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD CAZVID | Visit www.CazVid.net for details

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