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CazVid seeks to make the traditional method of applying for a job with a written resume a thing of the past. Not only do written resumes fail to properly showcase a candidate's communication skills, but also their personality and enthusiasm which is essential for jobs such as bartending, sales, customer service, hospitality, and much more. 

With CazVid, resumes are presented as short 30 second or less videos that can be recorded directly in the app or uploaded after. Job seekers can then introduce themselves, talk about their past experiences, and what their future goals are. As we like to say, "Just show and tell!" It's meant to be fast, casual, and easy. No more wasting time and paper, just record and share a video resume for employers to see. 

CazVid is always free to download, record/share videos, and communicate with employers. Download the app now for iPhone & Android devices.

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