CazVid Press Release | Tempe, Arizona

Today, CazVid has announced that it has increased its marketing & promotion efforts in metro Phoenix for its video-based job matching system.

CazVid is a free job matching app with a unique twist in that job candidates record a 30 second video resume and employers record a 30 second video job posting. The CazVid concept is promoted worldwide, but today the company has announced that it will increase its marketing effort in Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa and Phoenix Arizona.

The founder of CazVid, Yuvi Shmul, who resides in Mesa, Arizona explains, “While we expect the CazVid app to be a world wide job board free platform, our roots are definitely here in the east valley of metro Phoenix Arizona.” Yuvi has owned multiple businesses in Arizona for the last 20 years and as a business owner, has seen the challenges of screening job candidates.

“CazVid was created to modernize the job applicant's screening process. Job searchers record a 30 second video resume or a video intro, and employers can easily find the candidates who are the most charismatic,” Yuvi explains.“Other job board sites are expensive for small businesses and provide the same ol’ written resumes database. CazVid is free and gives employers a great first impression tool of prospective employees, especially for entry level positions, hospitality jobs openings, sales positions and customer service jobs.”

CazVid is a free platform for job searchers and employers that is based out of Tempe, Arizona. CazVid is a video resume and video job posting app, designed to improve the job searching and matching process. 

CazVid is available for download now on iPhone & Android devices.

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