Video Resumes

When making a video resume, the two most common questions are asked:

1) "What should be said in a video resume?"

“With video resumes, less is more” says the founder of CazVid, Yuvi Shmul. The purpose of video resumes is not to recite every job, skill, and accomplishment, but to convey a candidates’ personality, communication skills, charisma, and level of enthusiasm. It's a great first impression tool.

2) "How long should a video resume be?"

“Video resumes should be up to 30 seconds” Yuvi adds. In these 30 seconds, candidates should spend around 10 seconds introducing themselves, 10 seconds mentioning their general work experience, and 10 seconds describing the type of work they're seeking.

Video resumes should be a casual, yet professional, video introduction, that will prompt the employer’s desire to contact the candidate. You can check out different examples of free video resumes at

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