CazVid | The Tool for the Trade School Graduate

It can be tough for trade school graduates entering the market as it can be very competitive. Regardless of whether they graduate as auto mechanics, dental assistants, chefs or with any other trade, often the traditional written resumes of trade school graduates are very similar to those of their peers. So how can they get their first job?

Through CazVid's video platform, trade school graduates can not only showcase their skills and experience, but also their personality, charisma, and enthusiasm which can really help set them apart to get the job!

CazVid is a free video job posting and video resume social media. Employers seeking new trade school graduates simply record a free 30 second CazVid video job listing. Graduates also record a free CazVid trade school video resume and communicate with employers. It's fast and easy to sign up and it’s always free to record a video and communicate with others. 

Visit or check out the CazVid app in the store. 

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