CazVid | Free Marketplace to Find Influencers

Just over the past five years, influencer marketing has grown into being a very valuable asset wether you’re trying to promote a company, product, or service. But maybe your business just can't quite justify that expense. If that’s the case, CazVid invites you to join its free marketplace to find influencers!

What is CazVid? CazVid is a free video-based employment and projects marketplace and takes as little as 15 seconds to sign up. It’s free to record a 30 second (or less) video about your project, job opening, or what kind of influencer you’d like to hire. CazVid is always free to view influencer video resumes and communicate with them. CazVid is designed to be casual, quick, and easy!

CazVid is a free video platform for influencers and influencer seekers (patent pending). Download the App now or visit

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